4 Amazing Tech Facts that you might not know


Did you know how many people played Candy crush?

Now you told that you don’t play Candy Crush because only girls play Candy crush. but you will be shocked to know that after 2014 there was so many people who play Candy Crush. The active player was more than Canadian population . Now you can find the population of Canada for know how many people was actually playing Candy Crush.  

Why did Google used camel ?

You know how Google Map works.How GPS works but you did not know why did Google used camel.Google used camel  to see street view of Ragistan. Because there are no roads like Delaware Avenue ,  Las Vegas Boulevard etc . The main transport is Camel . For this reason Google use camel for street view.So google used camel for street view and many people did not know this .

Did you know NASA used Android?

Yes NASA are using Android operating system . NASA send floating robots to space . there is a Nexus S device on there hand of the robots. Which is running on Gingerbread operating system. so you should  feel proud to listen that NASA is also using Android system if you are a Android user.

You think that president are living happy life,they have money they can spend a luxury life but they don’t

The truth is it’s not right. I can tell you that  you know the US President Donald Trump .There are no front camera in his phone. yes there is no front camera in his phone. However normal things like capturing a image listening music cannot do on his phone. moreover his phone is encrypted non can tab his phone

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