Delete FB Permanently On Mobile| Desktop


Delete FB Permanently On Mobile| Desktop


Facebook offers two different ways to remove your account from the social network.

One is Deactivate your account .

If you deactivate your account your profile will removed from FB search result,friend will not able to message you.but some of your data like Messages still remains visible.
You can also reactive your account by login on you FB account .

And other is Permanently Delete your profile .

When you do this, you are telling Facebook to delete your entire account including all of your private data, photos, messages, and more.

How to delete FB account permanently On MOBILE ?

Here is the Solution –

If you use any browser,follow the same instruction.

1st Go to setting


Delete FB Permanently On Mobile| Desktop
Delete FB Permanently On Mobile| Desktop

Scroll down and go to the Account ownership and control.

Then you can see 3 option. 2nd option is Deactivation and deletion. 
Go to this option

Then you will find Delete account. Select Delete account and click on the button.

Now you can see the Delete your account option.


Or you can Just go to this     Link      for Delete your account .

For Desktop Just Go to This   LINK 


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