Top 5 Apps of December


Today I am showing you the top 5 apps of December that will help you.

These apps are not just top apps I think these apps are useful apps, everyone should try this. We have selected this app on the bases of their functionality.

The 1st app in our list is Scheduled.

Scheduled is a wonderful app for people like me who always forget to wish friends, Girlfriends on their birthday or anniversary.

with this app, you can  Schedule your text messages. you can select a contact chose the date and time, write the Message which you want to send. And you can choose auto send option and it will send the message automatically. But for that, you will have to pay for pro version. But if you are using normal version than at the particular time you will get a notification that you have a  Schedule message. Just open the notification and you can send the Schedule message. you can also import birthdays. and the app will remind you that you have to wish your friend. Overall it’s a unique and useful app.

The next app in our list is Ege action.  

Ege action is a sidebar app which looks like s8 sidebar apps.  and with this app, you can have the slider. And unfortunately, it works very well. Actually, I am using this app and I can say it is very close to s8. You can see different edge pages like people, quick tool settings like Bluetooth, brightness.


then can also see other pages like calendar, File Explorer, call log.


you can also change the size, position, and the background wallpaper.


It has also a pro version which adds free.

so you can also use pro version but you have to pay for this.   



The next app in our list is Opera Touch.

opera is a common word. I think everyone used opera mini. I had also used opera mini. But today I am telling you about Opera Touch

it is a browsing app.  The browser is fast and smooth and works without any issue. It is also easy to navigate. You also get the opera flow feature. It’s a fast browsing app. also it has a cool look.  So i think you can check the app.



The next app in our list is Notification Animations.

If you are worried about your phone look, if you think it is boring then you should must use Notification Animations. It shows a cool animation whenever you get a notification.

You can also choose some app which you like for a crazy animation when you get a notification.  You can see cool animations whenever you get a notification from any app or from the apps of your choice. You can also change the animation setting.   You should use this app and never let your phone boring.


Notification Animations (No Root)
Notification Animations (No Root)
Developer: axndx
Price: Free+
  • Notification Animations (No Root) Screenshot
  • Notification Animations (No Root) Screenshot
  • Notification Animations (No Root) Screenshot


The next app in our list is Multi Calculator.

It is a perfect calculating tool. It contains many useful functions. And it is also in a fashionable design. You can use it as scientific calculator for solving complex problems, BMI calculator for detecting the physical condition. From one app you can use Standard calculator (simple but perfect), Scientific calculator and BMI calculator. Moreover, you can use the floating window. I think it is the most useful feature of this calculator. The built-in floating window function allows it to stay at the top of the screen, so calculation no longer requires frequent switching between apps.

It Perfectly supports on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 edge, S7, S7 edge, HUAWEI P10, LG Nexus 5X etc. Also Perfectly support on Android 7.1.

if you are a student than you should try this app must. It’s a useful app.


Multi Calculator
Multi Calculator
Developer: Blue Group
Price: Free
  • Multi Calculator Screenshot
  • Multi Calculator Screenshot
  • Multi Calculator Screenshot

So it was our top five Android apps. Hope you like those apps. If you have any question than comment down below or you can also mail me on.

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